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We’re there for you

We think that service means being there for our clients at all times, especially after we’ve put your plant or system into operation. For us, that also means 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Let yourself be impressed by our comprehensive service and maintenance offering, whether it be process control, spare parts or, of course, when things are really looking bad: our emergency service.

What can we do for you?

Our service and maintenance offering

24-hour emergency service

Have you heard of Murphy’s Law? When things go wrong, it’s always on a Friday evening or public holiday. With bioconstruct, though, that’s not a problem. We’re at your service at any time of the day or night throughout the entire year, with staff who are highly competent at what they do (usually electrical technology). If we’re unable to sort out your plant through telephone support or remote maintenance, we’ll immediately organise an on-site appointment to fix the fault.

24-hour service line
+49 5226 860 999 7

Spare parts

Exchange or renewal of specific parts

We can get excellent prices thanks to the purchase volume of goods we order from component manufacturers. We’re happy to share them with you! We have our own warehouse and endeavour to have particularly critical components on hand at all times. That means we can get them to you quickly in the event of an emergency.


Overhaul and renewal

Check-ups, maintenance and repair

Biogas plants are exposed to extreme wear and tear during daily operation. In particular, the interior of the digesters and digestate storage tanks face a heavy burden from abrasion, corrosion from sulphuric acid and temperature differences between the inside and outside. These factors can make even the best of protective liners fail and can corrode the concrete. Normally, every tank must be inspected, emptied and relined inside at least once during its 20-year service life. We’re happy to help you and perform the entire overhaul – quickly and efficiently so that you lose as little profit as possible.

CHP service & maintenance

Service and maintenance

Services for your biogas plant, all under one roof: with us, you have a partner who not only takes care of all components necessary for gas production, but also of the things which utilise your gas. Our technicians can perform maintenance on your combined heat and power plant (CHP) no matter what manufacturer it’s from. Simply enquire with us about it.


Plant inspections and audits

Comprehensive checks for the best results

Biogas plants are subject to demanding safety requirements, which is why they are fitted with numerous sensors, shut-down features, automatic valves and measurement features. They must all be checked regularly by an expert. Germany, for example, demands a check every three years. We can perform this for you and give you recommendations for optimisation so that you always get the best results possible from official inspections.

Furthermore, we can offer you thermal-imaging inspections of your electrical enclosures, DGUV A3 inspections and leak detection for your gas roofs.


Fresh power for your plant

Repowering can often be more worthwhile than people think. In the near future, retrofitting your plant into a fuel-producing biomethane feed-in system might be very lucrative for you. We can plan this retrofit and deliver you a turnkey gas upgrading plant.

There has also been significant progress in how solid input materials are fed into the digesters. For example, complicated materials such as domestic waste or manure can now be brought to plants with low levels of impurity and with little need for electrical parasitic load. Similarly, installing our plant control system with electrical load management can reduce your plant’s power costs by avoiding peak loads.

These are just a few of the examples of potential optimisations for your plant. There’s no reason to hesitate – simply get in touch with us today.

Commercial and technical operations

Commercial success thanks to a knowledge advantage

Our services comprise everything from procurement of spare parts up to the full commercial and technical operation of your biogas plant. With good access to spare parts and the experience of operation more than 20 plants, we can offer either only the technical operations of your plant with a full O&M contract for a fixed price, or, you can also elect just to hire us for special services such as a benchmark check-up of your biogas plant, emergent works or interim operations as well.

Our philosophy is simple. We provide reliable, pragmatic expert services at reasonable rates, to provide you a quick and efficient solution and enable you to optimise your biogas plant.

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